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CROMSOURCE is an international full-service Contract Research Organization with ISO 9001:2008 certification.

We provide a wide range of clinical research services to the pharma, biotech, vaccine and medical device industries.

Our headquarters are located in Verona, Italy. We cover Europe and US markets through subsidiaries in Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and UK. We employ over 400 professionals of various specialties.

Established in Italy with a strong focus on people and processes, CROMSOURCE has steadily become a successful international CRO during more than 14 years in the marketplace.

CROMSOURCE approaches your international trial in the most efficient way. Centralized project management ensures high-level support with short communication lines between you as a sponsor and the operational team. Through our regional offices and clinical staff ‘on the ground’ we cover the entire study region in a cost-effective way.

The CROMSOURCE philosophy includes ‘Quality by Design’ – a focus on designing and implementing processes which ensure quality and efficiency, rather than relying solely in the ability to react to issues as they occur. The Quality by Design philosophy is utilised at all levels within CROMSOURCE, from broad operational systems design to individual study level management.

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